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Good Gear Club archive (items 97 – 108)

Good gear, great design

  1. image of Moleskine Smiley® Positivity in Motion Planner

    Moleskine Smiley® Positivity in Motion Planner

    £37 from

    Take happiness seriously and elevate your planning, mood and creativity. Celebrating Smiley®’s 50th anniversary, this Positivity In Motion Planner intentionally lacks dates. Simply fill in the day and month and get started.

  2. image of Nocturn Walnut Catch

    Nocturn Walnut Catch

    $88 from

    A solid American hardwood catch-all providing an ideal home for your daily essentials. Surprisingly hefty, and with a smooth satiny finish made from American black walnut.

  3. image of SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker

    SYMFONISK Picture frame with WiFi speaker

    £187 from

    Available in white or black (with interchangeable covers), this WiFi speaker and picture frame makes the sound blend into the home. Hang it on the wall or put it on the floor and enjoy fantastic sound from this IKEA and Sonos collaboration.

  4. image of Edwin Japanese Sun T-shirt

    Edwin Japanese Sun T-shirt

    £40 from

    A 100% cotton short sleeve T-shirt featuring a Sun motif and Edwin word mark in Japanese.

  5. image of Vestaboard


    £2,585 from

    Easily sending messages from anywhere using Vestaboard, displaying up to 132 characters at a time including all the colours of the rainbow.

  6. image of SIEBENSACHEN NOCTURNE Musical box


    €109.50 from

    By turning the oversized metal key, music begins to play from inside the large wooden sphere. Made in the Black Forest, the mechanical 18-note chime is inserted into blocks of solid oak wood, then turned and covered with open-pored silk matt lacquer. Inside the perfect sphere sounds Chopin's masterpiece.

  7. image of teenage engineering computer–1

    teenage engineering computer–1

    £195 from

    A flat pack, sheet metal computer case with the same build-it-yourself design as our modular series. The case has a small desk foot print and is built around the mini-ITX motherboard and the sfx power supply format and can fit a dual slot graphics card up to 180mm.

  8. image of Apple Watch Ultra

    Apple Watch Ultra

    £849 from

    The most rugged and capable Apple Watch ever. With a robust titanium case, precision dual-frequency GPS, up to 36 hours of battery life, the freedom of cellular, and three specialised straps made for athletes and adventurers of all kinds. The new Action button gives you quick, physical control over a variety of functions. It's customisable and can do things like control a workout, mark a Compass Waypoint or begin a dive.

  9. image of Tidbyt


    $199 from

    Use Tidbyt to check the weather, or when your train is arriving. Track your favorite stock tickers, or your favorite sports teams. Plug it in and pick from over 150 apps, choose what you want and Tidbyt cycles through it all. You can even write your own apps, flash your own firmware, or you can even reuse the display for your next side project.

  10. image of Maha Warhol Dollar Sign Hooded Sweat

    Maha Warhol Dollar Sign Hooded Sweat

    £270 from

    Silk-screened dollar sign prints by Maharishi in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation.