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Apple Pencil Pro – Bringing more magical capabilities to the iPad

About the Apple Pencil Pro – Bringing more magical capabilities to the iPad

Apple's latest iteration on the Apple Pencil brings it's tried and trusted formula of low latency and excellent precision and takes it up a notch.

It takes the same form factor as the original 2nd-generation Apple Pencil but has just that little bit more. There's a new Barrel Role feature that lets you rotate brushes and inputs, a squeeze gesture for presenting options and haptic feedback.

Combine that with the existing tools, including the ability to hover, and it's an amazing piece of kit to pair with your iPad.

Apple Pencil Pro adds even more magical capabilities to help bring your ideas to life. Advanced features like squeeze, barrel roll and haptic feedback make marking up, taking notes and creating a masterpiece more intuitive than ever. Use Apple Pencil hover to preview exactly where Apple Pencil Pro will touch down on the display,1 and double-tap to quickly switch tools. And if you misplace it while you’re out and about or at home, you can easily locate it in the Find My app. Apple Pencil Pro pairs, charges and stores magnetically on the side of your iPad.

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Our thoughts

The Apple Pencil continues to be the best stylus I've ever used and these enhancements (for larger screens) really make it a compelling companion. I love my Apple Pencil and reviewed it on the YouTube channel last year. The USB C option was a welcome upgrade on the old Lightning port version and we now have a fourth model in the line up.

I would class it as the third generation and the Barrel Role feature is brilliant. My biggest frustration in Procreate is understanding how certain brushes orientate themselves but this takes all the guesswork out of it.

Charanjit Chana

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