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Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand

Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand
Photo 1 of Oakywood MagSafe iPhone StandPhoto 2 of Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand

About the Oakywood MagSafe iPhone Stand

Compatible with all MagSafe iPhones, this multifunctional tool makes charging and using your iPhone easy. It features a milled wood backrest that has been tilted to the most ergonomic angle and the sturdy base will keep it all in place. Use it to charge your phone with a MagSafe puck and you can even join videoconferencing calls with the perfect angle to frame you in.

Thanks to MagSafe you can use it in portrait or landscape mode with the latter enabling Stand By Mode.

The Oakywood iPhone Stand is the result of some hard work, there were 97 prototypes and 7 rounds of utility tests.

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