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Good Gear Club archive (items 109 – 115)

Good gear, great design

  1. image of Graypants Graphite Wick

    Graypants Graphite Wick

    €149 from

    Graypant's Wick takes the allure of a candle and gives it a technology upgrade, resulting in something both beautiful and practical. With it, you can transform any space with an added touch of intimacy and warmth. A modern light that is equal parts candle and flashlight with a rechargeable lithium battery for continued use. The dimmer and on/off can be controlled by a tap of the finger.

  2. image of The Wavelinks Puzzle

    The Wavelinks Puzzle

    $98 from

    Four heavy steel pieces interlock to create a modern masterpiece of mechanical puzzles. Elegant, challenging, and deeply satisfying. Designed by Rod Bogart, ships March 2023.

  3. image of CUBED


    CA$89 from

    CUBED is timeless, with unlimited re-playability that can be enjoyed by everyone for generations.

  4. image of adidas Mexico '22 away jersey

    adidas Mexico '22 away jersey

    £70 from

    Inspired by ancient civilisations. adidas infused this Mexico away jersey, in wonder white, with Mixtec art and Aztec deities to summon the fighting spirit required to rule the football world. This adidas kit features an unique eye-catching allover design.

  5. image of The Future Mapping Company Star Map

    The Future Mapping Company Star Map

    £35 from

    This map from The Future Mapping Company features the night skies as seen from the northern and southern hemispheres, brought to life with original 17th century illustrations. This functional map shows every star directly observable by the naked eye indicated by magnitude and brightness. Also mapped are the nebulae, star clusters and galaxies visible from Earth. Original 17th century illustrations by Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius depict the creatures and characters that inspired ancient astronomers to identify the constellations. As with all their maps, The Future Mapping Company's maps are beautifully made and perfect for displaying in your home.

  6. image of Nike SFB 6

    Nike SFB 6

    £134.95 from

    The Nike SFB 6" (approx. 15cm) Leather Men's Boot is the first Nike Sportswear SneakerBoot, complete with weather-resistant leather and a rugged traction pattern. The weather-resistant nubuck leather fends off the rain and sleet while providing lasting durability while the plush sockliner offers lightweight cushioning for comfort wherever you go. The outsole features an aggressive traction pattern and strategically placed rubber sections for multi-surface grip.