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Good Gear Club archive (items 85 – 96)

Good gear, great design

  1. image of Futura Laboratories Dominos Set

    Futura Laboratories Dominos Set

    $50 from

    Acrylic dominos available in either black or clear acrylic. Both colours come with a clear acrylic magnetic box closure featuring the FL word mark with the words "domino set" in an outlined version of Futura 2000's own distinctive style.

  2. image of The Mehlville Carabiner

    The Mehlville Carabiner

    £59 from

    The James Brand's dual compartment construction securely locks keys away. The Mehlville was created from scratch to stand apart from any other carabiner on the market. Machined out of aluminium or titanium the carabiner includes an integrated bottle opener.

  3. image of Transparent Speaker Black

    Transparent Speaker Black

    £900 from

    Bringing passion to every detail in the design, the quality of the materials in each component shines through. Unapologetically stripped back to include only the essential, the wall-mountable speaker is surrounded with glass panels on each side that allow you to view the inner components at work that blends into any environment. With 140W of power, the Transparent Speaker delivers detailed reproduction of complex low-ends of modern music production. With the base and treble dials you can crank up the setting on the high- and low-end to fit your music preference and make everyone get off the couch and start dancing at your home party. Use as a single speaker or double up by pairing over Bluetooth or with a cable.

  4. image of Clemens Auer Tweezers

    Clemens Auer Tweezers

    $110 from

    Created an Austrian industrial designer, Clemens Auer, these tweezers are his unique, circular take on this classic grooming instrument was inspired by the shape of the typical pinching gesture formed by the thumb and index finger. Award-winning and precision-crafted from a single strip of steel.

  5. image of Hoto Laser Distance Measurer

    Hoto Laser Distance Measurer

    £73.48 from

    Get real-time data sync with the Mi Home app with floor planning functionality and the ability to assign measurement data to photos. You can measuring up to 30 meters in distance with an accuracy of 2mm. You can measure using the laser either on the front or the tail of the measurer. There's an integrated OLED display and it charges using the USB-C port.

  6. image of Craighill Stainless Steel Perch Bookmark

    Craighill Stainless Steel Perch Bookmark

    $18 from

    The bookmark that's sturdy enough to move with you from book to book. The bent corners on the bookmark are balanced, allowing your book to close neatly and to prevent you from losing your place altogether.

  7. image of Orgo Incense Holder

    Orgo Incense Holder

    £20.74 from

    Handmade from either walnut or oak, this incense holder is carved from a solid piece of domestic hardwood. The organic curve with a piece of your favourite incense will add a calming touch to your home.

  8. image of Twist Shelf

    Twist Shelf

    £248 from

    2-in-1 shelf and magnetic board in solid oak with a simple twist. Ideal for kitchens with the magnetic board serving as a knife strip and the shelf as storage for spices. Equally at home in other areas like the entrance hall, as a magnetic key holder and storage space for accessories.

  9. image of Naranja Verde Futsol Jersey

    Naranja Verde Futsol Jersey

    £95 from

    A classic jersey to be worn on and off the pitch. The classic cut and longer sitting sleeve make this jersey suitable for both sports and leisure activities. Manufactured in limited runs of 100 units in Portugal using 100% recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles with moisture wicking and anti-odour capabilities.

  10. image of 8BitDo N30 Wireless Charger

    8BitDo N30 Wireless Charger

    £16.65 from

    A modern wireless charger with a classic look, it offers up to 15W fast charging speeds. Modelled on a NES controller, this would look great on any desk.

  11. image of Suck UK Concrete Clock

    Suck UK Concrete Clock

    £25 from

    The cool grey concrete housing with contrasting gold coloured hands, makes this an ideal modern addition to any mantle piece, desk, or bedside table. The face is painted in steel grey and the quartz movement makes this a reliable time keeper.