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Minimal Desk Setups Pomodoro Timer

Minimal Desk Setups Pomodoro Timer

About the Minimal Desk Setups Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro Timer from Minimal Desk Setups featured a dual timer display, counting down your work and relaxation timers.

The tactile dial makes it easy to adjust the time for tailored sessions. The Pomodoro Technique gives you a way to manage your time so you can focus on the task in hand in manageable chunks of time. The breaks give you a chance to take a break or a short breather.

If you find yourself easily distracted from the task at hand a Pomodoro timer will bring clear work periods to your day so you stay focused. The regular breaks are a great reward for maintaining that focus.

You can use this timer with batteries or power it via the USB C cable. Magnets on the back make it easy to mount on a metal surface so you have the option of where best to position the timer for your needs.

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Our thoughts

I've used the pomodoro technique before and I'm a big fan of it. As a manager, it's a technique I've often suggested for those that sometimes find it hard to focus or are distracted easily. Buckle down for a short focused burst of work and then take 5 minutes for a break.

Best of all, it's a good way to walk away from a problem and come back with clear mind.

Charanjit Chana

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