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Frame AI Glasses by Brilliant Labs

About the Frame AI Glasses by Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs' Frame is designed to be worn as a regular pair of gasses with a suite of AI capabilities that are there and ready for you out of the box. Make them your daily pair of gasses or pick them up as you need them. The Frame is ready when you are.

Frame weighs less than 40g making it comfortable for nearly everyone. The battery life can stretch to all day with regular use. A thin geometric prism optic is combined with a bright microOLED to display a ~20 degree diagonal field of view.

At launch there's a deal for free AI subscriptions (subject to a daily cap). A paid tier will be announced for those who want rates lifted although the free tier will remain in place.

Frame is designed to be your AI driven personal assistant. There's access to models such as Perplexity, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Whisper which allow to receive answers to the questions you have when you have them. You can achieve live translation from either speech or text and you can query the internet in real time.

Brilliant Labs' app Noa powers the experience and takes care of your engagement with Frame. There is no speaker but audio is available by pairing your headphones with your phone.

Frame is powered by Mister Power where you can dock your glasses when power is low. Fast charging gives you power when you need it and the whole Frame system is open source with design files and code all available on GitHub.

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