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Pave BK e-Bike

Pave BK e-Bike

About the Pave BK e-Bike

The BK from Pave is their flagship e-bike that is made for city riding. They're taking reservations for their flat white BK that is released this summer.

It has a top speed of 30mph and it weighs around 45kg.

It has the right balance of style, and performance and boasts a compact engine that delivers 3000W of power. The aluminium frame can accommodate two riders. The BK has a 50-mile range and can recharge in just one hour.

The hydraulic brakes not only provide great breaking performance but they also offer regenerative braking letting you extend the range even further.

Pave's BK has a mobile first approach, just use the Pave+ app to monitor, track, and share your bike thanks to Pave's digital key sharing system.

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