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Lomography Sprocket Rocket 35mm Panoramic Camera

About the Lomography Sprocket Rocket 35mm Panoramic Camera

Lomography's Sprocket Rocket brings the world of panoramic photos to 35mm film, taking up the entire surface area of the film for each photo. You'll get unmistakably analogue look and feel for the 1:3 panoramic aspect ratio.

The camera itself, in all it's analogue glory, gives you the option to rewind so you can remix your photos and it's compatible with all 35mm film. The camera doesn't even need batteries making it perfect for taking everywhere.

There's a hot shoe mount so you can mount a flash and there's no need for filters, you'll get the authentic analogue look straight out of the camera. The build will take you back in time. You'll be able to fit in more than the eye thanks to the 106° field of view. The tripod mount also acts as a connector for the included Strap Loop.

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Our thoughts

I love analogue photography, but the convenience of digital has taken me away from the world of using film to capture photos.

There was a time where I would take my Lomography fish eye camera with me everywhere. The lack of a view finder (well, one that actually aligned with the lens) meant composition became really important and you had to use your imagination a lot more.

Analogue photography has a sense of wonder to it, you don't actually know what it will all look like until the film is developed.

I have a bunch of analogue cameras at home and I'm tempted to start playing with them some more. From Canon SLRs to Lomogrphy point-and-shoots, they very rarely disappoint and capture the world in a way that apps and services have been trying to recreate for years.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Analogue camera
  • Unique aspect ratio
  • Embracing the sprockets

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