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AIAIAI Unit-4 Wireless+ Monitor Speakers

AIAIAI Unit-4 Wireless+ Monitor Speakers
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About the AIAIAI Unit-4 Wireless+ Monitor Speakers

These wireless studio monitors are portable and provide ultra-low latency audio. The perfect reference monitors that are compact and rugged and you can use either Bluetooth or the Aux input to connect to everything.

The advanced bespoke acoustic design make these accurate and
trustworthy reference monitors thanks to their 4-inch woofer and 1-inch silk-dome tweeter. The bass reflex enclosure is made from stiff recycled plastic, which minimises resonance and colouration of the sound. You can shape sound to your liking using the AIAIAI mobile app to customise the 5-band EQ.

Included are protective steel grills, power supplies with regional cord, a X02 USB C transmitter. You get 20hours with the built in battery on a single charge.

If you need them, you can get bumper cases for additional protection and isolation pads with a 6° incline to further improve the clarity of the speakers.

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