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Oakley Reedmace Sunglasses

About the Oakley Reedmace Sunglasses

The Reedmace offers a full rim and round lenses with a look that's inspired by the surfboard lifestyle. The frame is made from plant-based BiO-Matter® and features a subtle Oakley logo on the temples. The Reedmace also comes with Prizm™ Lens technology which is designed to enhance color and contrast to see more detail across the water.

The Reedmace sunglasses are available in a range of frame and lens colour combinations. All lenses come with Prizm technology but come in finishes that will match your style.

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Our thoughts

After seeing the Reedmace sunglasses in person, they instantly became my favourite style of Oakley's, I only wish they were available for customisation like some of their other models are.

The frames fit your face well without being as bulky as their GASCAN models.

Charanjit Chana

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