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Apple iPhone 15 Pro

About the Apple iPhone 15 Pro

The latest iPhone Pro now features the long awaited USB C charging port, a x5 zoom camera on the 15 Pro Max and a new titanium finish.

The titanium finish itself has a brushed effect and chamfered edges while the bezels have been slightly reduced bringing the size of the phone down by about a millimetre in all directions.

With the introduction of USB C connectivity and USB 3 speeds, you can now transfer data 20x faster and the new camera system allows you to capture with a range of focal lengths with the updated main camera lens.

Despite the new finish, colours and camera, the whole thing comes in a familiar package.

The iPhone 15 also benefited from an update this year, taking a jump in processor to the A16, it gains the Dynamic Island while also taking on the USB C port from its bigger brother.

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Our thoughts

The finishes are stunning and save around 10% in weight, it will be interesting to hold and see how light it feels.

I'm sad to see the mute switch leave the iPhone, the orange accent has been there from not only the beginning of the iPhone but it was carried over from the iPod. It will be interesting to see what use cases people come up with.

Charanjit Chana

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