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Apple Watch Ultra 2

About the Apple Watch Ultra 2

This is a relatively small update to the Apple Watch Ultra given the splash it made last year. This second generation has a brighter screen and is more capable than ever before while retaining battery life.

The design remains unchanged, but now features 95% recycled titanium in its body. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also gains the same S9 chip that powers the Series 9 (now available in pink) and brings with it a new feature where you can double tap your thumb and index finger for to perform primary actions when your hands are full. All driven by the sensors that are already in the watch.

The screen will automatically go into night mode thanks to the ambient light sensors it has and can now dim down to 1 nit of brightness and can achieve 3,000 peak brightness which makes it easier to see in the brighter conditions.

Paired with the right bands, this year's Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9 become Apple's first carbon neutral products.

Why Apple Watch? It's the ultimate device for a healthy life. Apple Watch can do what your other devices can't because it's on your wrist. When you wear it, you get a fitness partner that measures all the ways you move, meaningful health insights, innova­tive safety features and a connection to the people you care about most.

It really is the perfect blend of fitness and activity, health and safety, connectivity and of course, customisation.

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Our thoughts

I'd have loved for Apple to keep the Apple Watch Ultra bands from last year around, I think they were a better offering compared to this years, but the watch itself still holds up really well.

The screen continues to be surprisingly capable for typing on and at 49mm it should be more than big enough for anyone. I've ordered mine and can't wait to do a long term review.

I actually haven't commented on an Apple Watch for 5 years now on my blog and will be looking to put that right in the coming weeks.

Update: My Apple Watch Ultra 2 arrived on time and we posted a short unboxing video on YouTube.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Industrial design
  • Always-on display
  • International Orange Action Button
  • Double Tap

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