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Selvedge Stretch Slim Fit Denim by Uniqlo

Selvedge Stretch Slim Fit Denim by Uniqlo

About the Selvedge Stretch Slim Fit Denim by Uniqlo

Genuine selvedge denim with added stretch and flattering slim straight cut. The selvedge denim is made using traditional techniques and comes in an unwashed finishing so that it develops natural whiskers and fading with wear.

Posted by Charanjit.

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Our thoughts

Selvedge denim continues to be the only type of denim worth buying, in my opinion. Uniqlo have a great range of black and blue denim for a reasonable price.

These are my go-to pair of jeans now that I can't get Gap's selvedge denim in the UK. My only gripe with the Uniqlo denim is that the rear pockets are a little too shallow. If you're after something more premium and with deeper pockets then give Nudie a look.

Charanjit Chana

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