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Uniqlo X KAWS UT T-shirt

Uniqlo X KAWS UT T-shirt

About the Uniqlo X KAWS UT T-shirt

Uniqlo and KAWS get together again to bring you a new set of t-shirts as part of Uniqlo's UT graphic t-shirt collection. Following on from other releases in their partnership which goes back to 2016. This t-shirt features a back print with the cover design for KAWS' new art book, the familiar KAWS figure floating on the surface of the water. The front features just the figure floating in the sea of the t-shirt.

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Our thoughts

Uniqlo and KAWS have come up with some great designs together, collaborating to bring us a KAWS take on Sesame Street and Peanuts.

You can also find kids versions of the same prints, which I did with the Sesame Street line a few years ago.

Uniqlo continue to print on great quality t-shirts but as a Japanese brand, I find that sometimes they fit smaller than expected so it's worth trying them on first if you can.

Charanjit Chana

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