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Grim Tim Dry Deep Selvage Denim by Nudie Jeans

About the Grim Tim Dry Deep Selvage Denim by Nudie Jeans

These slim straight fit jeans are made from a 12.5 oz selvage denim from the Kurabo Mills in Japan. The design is based on 120 year old goldmine era denim from the USA. Made from unbleached cotton, the Kurabo Mills replicated the yarn structure, weft color and dyed the warp with 12 dips of indigo. These jeans are finished with contrasting tobacco thread.

The jeans themselves offer a button fly and are made in Italy.

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Our thoughts

Selvedge (or selvage as Nude spells it) is the best type of denim, in my opinion. I've written about selvedge denim before and have been wearing these types of jeans exclusively for over 15 years. The cut is often better and the natural weathering that occurs takes you from a dark blue pair of jeans to something that has patters and whiskers that are tailored to your body.

Have a read of the article I linked to and watch the video included on how Japanese selvedge denim is dyed.

Charanjit Chana

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