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Instant Disk Audio-CP2

About the Instant Disk Audio-CP2

This isn't just a CD player with a built in speaker, it's designed to sit in plain site as a piece of art on your wall. Either you can see the disc spinning or showcase the album art so you can enjoy both an audio and visual experience at the same time,

The CP2 makes it easy to enjoy your physical music through the built in speaker but the built-in battery and Bluetooth 5.1 make it possible to enjoy your music on the go too.

The minimal design of the CP2 builds on it's predecessor, the CP1, and is available in both black and white finishes. The speaker is new and the appearance of the CP2 is modelled on a book. The window is built to take the album card so you can keep them all together and lets you display it all as if it was a piece of wall art.

Despite it's thin size, it still produces great sound and on battery power alone, you can enjoy up to 7 hours of continuous playback. Over bluetooth you get an extra hour.

There's a subtle 2-digit LED display that is revealed through the speaker holes. The display is used to show the number of songs, the volume or error information.

For on the go functionality, it is shock resistant. There's an audio out 3.5mm jack too so if you're into wired headphones, you get a third way of listening to your music.

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What We Love

  • Album art on display
  • Multiple listening options
  • Modern tech with a retro look

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