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Logitech Reach Adjustable Content Camera

Logitech Reach Adjustable Content Camera

About the Logitech Reach Adjustable Content Camera

With a camera module that's based on the Logitech StreamCam, the Logitech Reach gives you full articulation of your camera for your content creation needs.

You get full horizontal and vertical movement of the body as well as 360º rotation of the camera itself. You'll get the perfect angle for whatever you're filming with no restrictions on where the camera can go.

The Logitech Reach was developed in collaboration with teachers, it's perfect for educational settings. As a content creation tool it's great for presenting and for showcasing everything in your vicinity.

Capture your whole room and with the push of a button, you get a 4.3x zoom for sharing the smallest detail. It's a plug-and-play device that has a base and clamp mount so it will fit wherever you need it to.

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Our thoughts

While this is positioned as an educational tool, it looks perfect for all types of creators. You can still catch it on Indiegogo while stocks last.

Charanjit Chana

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