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Hodinkee x Braun BN0279 Limited Edition Watch

Hodinkee x Braun BN0279 Limited Edition Watch

About the Hodinkee x Braun BN0279 Limited Edition Watch

This collaboration between Hodinkee and Braun brings you everything you need in a watch and nothing you don’t. It ushers in the next generation of Braun’s mechanical watchmaking in a watch.

The design combines the signature elements of two Braun favourites, the AW10 and the AW50. The minimalistic aesthetic is maintained while it has its own touches to bring it up to date. The 40mm watch is available in two models, one with a separate second display and another with a traditional second hand. Limited to just 100 of each model.

The stainless steel case is bead blasted, a red chevron points to the date window and the second hand is detailed in yellow. Both point to Braun's signature style from it's alarm clock days.

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