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Apple Pencil (USB C)

About the Apple Pencil (USB C)

Apple's low-cost Apple Pencil really is the most affordable Apple Pencil. It comes in the newer form factor but features a USB C instead of inductive charging. It retains the magnetic snap for storing on the side of an iPad but it goes into low power mode instead of charging.

The form factor is near perfect, it has a great weight to it and a flat side to prevent it from rolling around. You miss out on pressure sensitivity, wireless charging and double tap, but for note taking and as an input device it's a great stylus at a great price.

The new USB C version of the Apple Pencil is compatible with all current iPads.

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Our thoughts

The 2nd-generation Apple Pencil continues to be one of my favourite bits of tech. It's seemlessly connects to your iPad and opens a world of possibilities. From drawing to note taking and more.

This new Apple Pencil with USB fits in at an interesting price point. None of the wireless charging capabilities but still in the 'new' form factor which is a massive step up from where we were with the 1st-generation Apple Pencil.

Personally, I'd go for the magnetic version as it has more functionality but if price is a concern then this gets you most of the way there and if you're not going to be using apps like Procreate then you're probably fine with this iteration.

Engraving is not a big deal, but my own Apple Pencil feels so much more personal with my name on it.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Updated Apple Pencil body
  • Familiar charging port with USB C
  • Magnetic storage with compatible iPads

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