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RIMOWA Signature Flap Backpack

RIMOWA Signature Flap Backpack
Photo 1 of RIMOWA Signature Flap Backpack

About the RIMOWA Signature Flap Backpack

RIMOWA's Signature collection is made in Italy and designed with heritage and sustainability in mind. The large Flap backpack comes in 4 colours, shown here in Khaki Green.

It has a built in travel strap with unique webbing that features the coordinates of RIMOWA Cologne. The strap allows you to conveniently fix the bag onto a suitcase.

The deep external pockets are hidden and zipped for easy access and added security. You get to on the side and one on the flap. That's in addition to more than 27litres (6.1gallons) of internal storage.

The bag options with a contrasted sliding cord and features two bespoke shiny palladium coloured buckles and thee's added convenience thanks to a snap closure is.

There's genuine leather, the webbed strap and the bag is made from regenerated nylon & genuine leather.

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