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LOFREE Touch PBT Wireless Mouse

LOFREE Touch PBT Wireless Mouse

About the LOFREE Touch PBT Wireless Mouse

Fitted with PBT keycaps, these mice from LOFREE offer a customisable mouse. They come with LOFREE's PBT material keycaps that prevent fading and last with wear and tear. It's packed with the PAW 3805 sensor for up to 4000DPI and it can be used on glass surfaces too.

The replaceable keycaps are taken from the Touch keyboard and have been brought to the mouse ensuring a reliable grip and smooth ergonomics. Customise the mouse to perfectly match your setup.

The mouse is perfect for gaming too and has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. There's a 650mAh which offers around 75 hours of use on a single charge or use it wired thanks to the USBC port that is positioned where a regular mouse would have it's cable.

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What We Love

  • Retro look
  • Orange accents

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