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Twelve South BookArc Flex

Twelve South BookArc Flex
Photo 1 of Twelve South BookArc Flex

About the Twelve South BookArc Flex

Twelve South's latest iteration of the BookArc brings a future-proof dock for MacBooks of any size. Offering you a vertical dock that makes the most of the space on your desk when your laptop is in clamshell mode and connected to a monitor.

The MacBook's own weight draws the stand’s supporting arcs of the BookArc flex together creating a cradles for your Mac. It will fit your current MacBook and any MacBook in the future up to 1-inch thick and screen sizes up to 16".

Because the stand frees up room on your desk you'll have more space to be comfortable and productive. When you're done at your desk and need to take your laptop to go, just unplug and lift it out of the BookArc Flex.

The BookArc Flex is available in three finishes to help fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of your room.

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Our thoughts

I still have my MacBook Pro placed flat on my desk while it's plugged into a monitor. This is the perfect accessory to make the most of the space on my desk.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Future-proof flexibility
  • Low-profile design

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