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Beats Fit Pro by Beats By Dre

Beats Fit Pro by Beats By Dre
Photo 1 of Beats Fit Pro by Beats By DrePhoto 2 of Beats Fit Pro by Beats By Dre

About the Beats Fit Pro by Beats By Dre

Taking the H1 chip from Apple, Beats have created their own Active Noise Cancellation range of earbuds with an additional wing tip for securely keeping them in place. The Beats Fit Pro are available in a range of colours that come with a matching charging case. You get a range of tips for added comfort and you can take advantage of customisations in the iOS Settings app. If you're not sure which tip is right for you, then you can use the Perfect Fit feature to help.

Beats Fit Pro also supports Spatial Audio, ANC and Transparency Mode which all add to the listening experience and will help you navigate your environment.

These earbuds feature physical buttons that offer single, double and trip tapping for bits of functionality and you choose if a long press changes the volume or the listening mode.

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Our thoughts

The Beats Fit Pro are a comfortable set of headphones, especially good for the more active people with the wing tips offering more security.

The case is not as sturdy as the Air Pods Pro cases, but you get the same great battery life with ANC turned on. The colours will fit your style perfectly and the more compact footprint makes them more like traditional earbuds as there's no stalk.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Comfortable fit
  • Active Noise Cancellation

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