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Gifts on Good Gear Club

  1. image of Polestar 2

    Polestar 2

    £44,950+ from

    Polestar's mass production 2+2 / Sportback, delivering over 300 miles of range and up to 469bhp. An impressive entry into the world of EVs that's for sure. Available in rear or all-wheel drive, Google built in, sustainable materials even the wing mirror have had some love and look stunning with their frameless design.

  2. image of HMM Mugr & Patio

    HMM Mugr & Patio

    $104.56 from

    Made by combining Japanese ceramic and walnut wood, the Mugr and Patio are part of HMM's Coffee Series. The Mugr is easy to stack and handcrafted by Taiwanese artisans, coated with HMM's signature glaze to create the look and feel of cast iron.

  3. image of Nikon Z 8

    Nikon Z 8

    £3,999 from

    The Z 8 from Nikon might be 30% smaller, but it brings feature set of the Z 9 into that smaller body. Featuring a 45 MP stacked CMOS sensor for impressive dynamic range, a deep-learning AF system, and both subject and eye-detection. The viewfinder has a 4-axis tilt allowing you to position it exactly to your liking. Capture 20fps at the highest quality, but if you step down to 11MP you can achieve 120fps. The Nikon Z 8 also allows you to record 8K footage.

  4. image of DEKTON Snap Off Carpenter Pencil

    DEKTON Snap Off Carpenter Pencil

    £4.99 from

    Ideal for marking wood and other materials like timber, metal, ceramic and concrete. The snap off lead allows you to get a sharp edge immediately or you can sharpen to your liking with sandpaper. Featuring a non-slip grip and supplied with additional lead, this should last 2-3 times longer than a traditional pencil carpenters pencil.

  5. image of Zencix Shape Scissors

    Zencix Shape Scissors

    £23.50 from

    Available as a rectangle, triangle or circle, these shape scissors do more than just cut materials. Each features guides for drawing perfect circles at various sizes and the scissors with straight edges offer a ruled edge and the circular scissors can help to measure angles up to 90°.

  6. image of Nanu Arc Alarm Clock

    Nanu Arc Alarm Clock

    $191+ from

    Arc, from Nanu, is an alarm with the spirit of an analog clock. Designed to be timeless and as easy to use as your smartphone. Nanu started by refurbishing vintage clocks to see what literally made them tick. Instead of harsh, digital beeps, Arc includes an acoustic chime that gradually builds in intensity. The chosen frequency and mechanism will wake you at an optimal tempo and frequency of 494 Hertz which should wake you up without causing any anxiety at the start of the day.

  7. image of teenage engineering mic CM–15

    teenage engineering mic CM–15

    £1049 from

    A portable large-diaphragm condenser microphone featuring usb-audio interface, a preamp, a 3.5 mm line out and a built-in stand.

  8. image of The Bartender's Manifesto

    The Bartender's Manifesto

    £21.25 from

    Toby Maloney's The Bartender's Manifesto will help you to think, drink, and create cocktails like a pro. This book offers a foundational approach to cocktails. Written by a James Beard Award-winning author you might even find yourself creating original drinks like a seasoned bartender.

  9. image of Leica M11 Monochrom

    Leica M11 Monochrom

    £8,300 from

    The Leica M11 Monochrom and the 4th-gneration Monochrome sensor offer amazing detail, high contrast and natural sharpness. You can switch between 60, 36 and 18 MP at any time. As the name suggests, you compose your images without having to worry about tones and only looking at the light and shadows you want to capture.

  10. image of Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand

    Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand

    $39.99 from

    This laptop stand keeps your workstation tidy and devices within reach. The 2-in-1 design supports your Macbook and iPad vertically at the same time. The updated dock is able to cradle 2 laptops, 2 tablets, or even 2 smartphones vertically at the same time.