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Good Gear Club archive (items 49 – 60)

Good gear, great design

  1. image of Titanium Meta Clicker by The Tube

    Titanium Meta Clicker by The Tube

    From €59 from

    A modular anti-stress fidget clicker that is made from CNC machining titanium that is then polished by glass blasting until it becomes smooth and rounded.

  2. image of Nasa Astronaut Jersey

    Nasa Astronaut Jersey

    £69.99 from

    The "Nasa Astronaut Jersey" by The Concept Club is a Nike jersey with a fine embroidered team patch and hand printed logos and flags. The authentic Nike tee features Dry Fit material, mesh side panels making it ultra soft and providing a comfortable fit.

  3. image of Nanu Nudge Counter

    Nanu Nudge Counter

    $99 from

    Featuring a brass alloy housing and knobs, mineral glass lens, and nylon chassis, the Nanu Nudge is a tabletop tally counter. Designed to be used to track and encourage the habits that matter to you.

  4. image of An Improbable Future Personal Transport 121322 Print

    An Improbable Future Personal Transport 121322 Print

    $5 from

    An Improbable Future is an AI driven project driven by an industrial designer using MidJourney AI to create, among other things, transportation designs for the future. The artwork is created with Midjourney AI and available as prints.

  5. image of Maharishi Eagle vs. Snake Embroidered Hooded Sweat

    Maharishi Eagle vs. Snake Embroidered Hooded Sweat

    £495 from

    This pullover hooded sweatshirt in black features a large Eagle vs Snake created with free-hand embroidery at the shoulder. It also features a vintage Black Hawk World War II patch.

  6. image of Iron & Glory Line Up Game

    Iron & Glory Line Up Game

    £37.95 from

    The classic four-in-a-row strategy game for two players, just link four of your counters in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line whilst preventing your opponent doing the same. This premium collapsible wooden board includes 42 wooden playing pieces and a cotton storage bag.

  7. image of Braun Gents BN0032 Classic Watch

    Braun Gents BN0032 Classic Watch

    £150 from

    This Braun Classic watch measures 40mm in diameter with an 8mm thick case. The watch features a quartz 3 hand and date movement offering 50m water resistance with a scratch resistant mineral glass. This timeless analogue watch from Braun is built to last, utilising high quality raw materials for durability and reliability.

  8. image of Monolith Speaker by Nocs Design

    Monolith Speaker by Nocs Design

    £1290 from

    Each speaker in the Monolith is hand-made in Sweden, with final assembly taking place at the Nocs Lab headquarters in Lund. Limited runs ensure meticulous production and a flawless design each and every time. Each speaker has a unique grain and texture making every speaker as unique as its listener. The Monolith begins its journey as local birch plywood, optimized for its look and feel. The surface is then treated with four layers of oil and wax and the blackened plywood offers a deep, matte black finish.

  9. image of Playforever T902 Luft Biba

    Playforever T902 Luft Biba

    £38.50 from

    Inspired by a 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa, the Luft works equally as a display piece for your home or as a toy. Crafted to look like a Porsche 911 that belonged to the owner of Playforever, it keeps iconic shape of the 911 with the distinct detail of the Targa models with their metal strip between the middle and last thirds of the car.

  10. image of NOCTA x Nike Basketball

    NOCTA x Nike Basketball

    $100 from

    A full size, 8 panel basketball made from 80% rubber and 20% synthetic leather. This ball features both NOCTA and Nike branding and the phrase "sometimes me, sometimes you, always us" on the back.

  11. image of Comic Relief's 2023 Red Nose

    Comic Relief's 2023 Red Nose

    £2.50 from

    Comic Relief proudly presents their new Red Nose for 2023, exclusively designed by Sir Jony Ive. The Red Nose magically transforms from a tiny, flat crescent into a beautiful honeycomb-paper sphere. This year's Red Nose is made from more than 95% plant-based materials.