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Titaner Tiroler Measurement Ring

Titaner Tiroler Measurement Ring
Photo 1 of Titaner Tiroler Measurement Ring

About the Titaner Tiroler Measurement Ring

Through their latest Kickstarter, Titaner bring us their futurisitc titanium ruler that can be used to measure across any surface now matter how irregular the shape. It also functions as a pendant and a fidget toy.

The Tiroler gives you an infinite measurement device that has been precision machined and you'll feel a click every 10cm, just reset it to zero before you start. The notches around the measuring edge give extra traction so that you don't slip when recording the distance.

The Tiroler is also available in a larger 5-inch version (12.5cm) and works in the same way as it's smaller sibling.

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What We Love

  • Titanium finish
  • Infinite measuring capability

You can buy this item for ¥8,650 from

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