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G-Shock book by Adam Craniotes

G-Shock book by Adam Craniotes

About the G-Shock book by Adam Craniotes

Adam Craniotes celebrates the story of Casio's legendary G-SHOCK line of watches. Not only a truly unique watch, but one whose versatile design has made it a cult-collectible worn by devoted fans across the globe.

Published by Rizzoli, the book takes you from Kikuo Ibe's 1981 vision for a watch that doesn't break. The chapters include a history of not only the technological innovation, but behind-the-scenes imagery from the brand's headquarters in Japan and collaborations with the likes of Kid Cudi, Takashi Murakami, Nigo, BAPE, Kith, Stussy, and Supreme.

You can pre-order the book ready for it's release in the fall of 2023.

Posted by Charanjit.

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