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teenage engineering TP-7

About the teenage engineering TP-7

The TP-7 is an ultra-portable audio recorder. Using the internal mic and speakers you can record and listen back directly through the device or use any number of the 3x two-way jacks for external mics, headsets or other signal sources.

There's a range of connectivity options including USB-C, Made For iPhone and Bluetooth. Using the iOS app, you can get instant voice-to-text transcription and the device includes a both 6.35 mm jack adapter and textile USB-C cable in the box.

Record 24-bit/96 kHz to the 128Gb of internal storage and enjoy 7 hours of battery life.

Best of all, the centre of the TP–7 is a motorised 'tape reel'. The highly sensitive sensor lets you virtually grab your recording, allowing you to scrub and pause.

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on teenage engineering TP-7

In case you didn't get it from the description, the centre of this device allows you to scrub and if you need to pause you just stop it from moving. Great to see the combination of digital and analogue coming together in this way.

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