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DEKTON Snap Off Carpenter Pencil

DEKTON Snap Off Carpenter Pencil

About the DEKTON Snap Off Carpenter Pencil

Ideal for marking wood and other materials like timber, metal, ceramic and concrete. The snap off lead allows you to get a sharp edge immediately or you can sharpen to your liking with sandpaper.

Featuring a non-slip grip and supplied with additional lead, this should last 2-3 times longer than a traditional pencil carpenters pencil.

Posted by Charanjit.

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Our thoughts

Growing up, we had carpenters pencils around which were really useful for odd jobs and mark making in construction setting, whether that was timber or brick based. They were hard wearing and their odd shape meant they could only be sharpened with a knife. This is a fantastic evolution of a much loved tool in a new form factor.

Charanjit Chana

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