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Sony WM1AM2 Walkman Digital Media Player

Sony WM1AM2 Walkman Digital Media Player

About the Sony WM1AM2 Walkman Digital Media Player

Sony describe their new Walkman as a device that is "an evolution in pure listening pleasure". What that means is that get 40-hours of battery life, access to 360 Reality Audio, you can download and stream over wifi and support for 32-bit audio.

The WM1AM2 also offers a USB-C port, a 5-inch touch screen, 126GB of internal storage and the ability to expand that with a SD card.

Posted by Charanjit.

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Our thoughts

There is a cheaper version of the new Walkman on it's way, but this particular model has been engineered to be as robust as possible when it comes to sound quality and reproduction. The price may be high, but it looks fantastic and has dual headphone inputs. The design itself looks very good to me, just not ground-breaking.

Charanjit Chana

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