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The Light Phone III

The Light Phone III

About the The Light Phone III

The phone that keeps distractions and functionality to a minimum. It's been designed to give you all that you need to stay connected without taking you away from the moment.

No matter if you're looking to take a digital detox or you just want to pay more attention to the things around you , the Light Phone III is there for those moments.

The new model has been future-proofed, you get meaningful software upgrades in a compact package that offers a metal frame, USB-C connectivity, fingerprint ID, a flashlight, 5G, and NFC! There's a camera too that is kept as simple as it can be with centre focus and a fixed focal length.

The Light Phone III has been built with repairability at it's heart. You can replace the battery yourself and the screen and USB sports are easier to replace than ever.

The updated screen for The Light Phone III retains the charm of the original black and white display but is now powered by a matte OLED screen. This update provides better performance and usability. The wider shape is better for texting and for handling the simple tools of the LightOS that powers the phone.

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What We Love

  • Distraction free
  • Matte OLED screen
  • Repairable by design

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