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Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone

Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone
Photo 1 of Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhonePhoto 2 of Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone

About the Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone

The Clicks is a physical keyboard that attaches directly to your phone through its charging port and maximises your screen space for apps and content while you still get access to a full keyboard.

Thanks to the tactile buttons, you'll be able to type with speed while giving you shortcuts and quick access to voice commands so you remain in full control of your device.

Clicks is designed to slip on and off as needed but built to stay on all the time. It has a unibody design that fits snuggly to make it feels like a natural extension of your iPhone.

The keys and layout are familiar, but there are keys for voice inputs, commands, tabs and more. The keys are backlight and while it supports wireless charging, wired charging goes straight through to your device too.

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Our thoughts

Most interesting to me is that the Lightning version, for the iPhone 14 Pro, supports CarPlay and data transfer while the USB C model, for new phones, does not.

I have never owned a full keyboard device, but pre-iPhone it was something I often looked at. I never got into the world of Blackberry and the largest phone I ever owned was the Nokia N70 but that had a regular keypad with phone functions and numbers.

While the Clicks is not the device for me, it would definitely make typing more tactile and freeing up the real estate on your screen seems like a winning formula for creators.

Charanjit Chana

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