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CW&T Superlocal Clock

CW&T Superlocal Clock
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About the CW&T Superlocal Clock

The Superlocal clock from CW&T allows you to build a clock that suites your day rather than the other way around.A 24-hour clock with a customizable dial to set according to how you spend your day.

Taking the included 2.5mm magnetic spheres, mark out zones using the 48 machined dimples that signify 30 minutes of each day. Personalise the clock to mark out moments in your day. When it's time to kick back, remove the magnets and let loose.

Because of the magnets, there's a less rigid approach to time keeping. The Superlocal lets you create a routine that suites you. The long lines mark every 6 hours (one quarter of the day), shorter lines mark an hour and the lone dimples mark the half hour.

You get 11 white and 1 x gold magnetic marker spheres, all stored in a convenient slot on the back. You can mount the Superlocal on the wall or you can place it face or side up on your desk, you just need to use two of the dots to stop it rolling around!

The Superlocal clock is machined out of steel and finished with a smooth black Melonite coating. The single hour hand is fabricated from aluminum and steel with a matte white powder coat.

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