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Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven

Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven
Photo 1 of Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza OvenPhoto 2 of Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven

About the Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven

The ETNA Rotante is an unique pizza oven that has a rotating pizza stone so that your pizza is rotated 360 degrees in the oven. This gives you the perfect crust all the way around. You'll be able to enjoy your pizza in around 60 seconds and it is guaranteed to be crisp.

The oven itself can heat up to 500°C in 15 minutes thanks to the booster burner which sits below the rotating pizza stone. The U-shaped main burner ensures an even heat is distributed throughout the pizza oven and provides a constant temperature.

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Our thoughts

With the addition of a rotating pizza stone, this pizza oven from Witt is going to give Ooni a run for their money!

Charanjit Chana

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