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Infinite Machine P1

Infinite Machine P1
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About the Infinite Machine P1

With staggeringly quick acceleration, the built-in battery will get you to 55mph and boasts a 60 mile range with 12kW of peak power output. The Infinite Machine P1 is the fastest vehicle in its class.

The batteries are removable and you can double up with more batteries thanks to the customisable storage panels.

The P1 has a tight turning circle, under 1.5m making it really nimble in traffic, on small streets and when parking. The P1 can be parked at 90° to the curb between two cars and is robust enough to be left outside.

There's ample storage under the seat, below the steering column and between the rider's legs. The external storage panels can also be customised to give you additional options for carrying more cargo.

Amazingly, the Infinite Machine P1 also comes with wireless CarPlay. This is a first for a vehicle in this class and another customisable panel can bring an external speaker to your bike. The in-built tech and accompanying apps also let you remotely unlock, track, and immobilize the P1 fro anywhere and at any time.

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What We Love

  • Customisable approach
  • Modern design
  • Wireless CarPlay

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