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Opal Tadpole Portable Webcam

About the Opal Tadpole Portable Webcam

Opal's latest take on a webcam comes in the form of the Tadpol. It brings a portable design, directional microphone, Sony sensor and it's the webcam you can take with you everywhere.

The Tadpole is a webcam designed to clip onto your laptop and the integrated bead lets you wrap the camera up neatly and carry it safely. Or just clip it to your clothes!

The Sony sensor is paired with a f/1.8 lens which will give you great depth of field. The USB plug has an integrated mute button so it's always within reach.

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Our thoughts

While I'm personally very happy with my Logitech StreamCam, this is a camera that turned my head. The compact design and wide aperture make for an interesting combination. Depth of field is a much better solution to focusing on the subject than blurred backgrounds.

Charanjit Chana

What We Love

  • Compact & portable design
  • f/1.8 lens

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