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Quooker Flex Hot Tap

Quooker Flex Hot Tap

About the Quooker Flex Hot Tap

The Quooker is an all-in-one tap system for your home. With a small tank in a kitchen cupboard you have access to hot water on demand that you can get through tap in your kitchen. The tank is built like a flask and keeps water hot for hours. The flex tap also has a extendable hose that make it great for hard to reach areas.

The in-built carbon filter keeps the water purified and the water is actually held at 108°, dropping to 100° on its way out of the hose.

The Quooker system uses no more energy than a kettle but eliminates the need to wait for water to boil. Thanks to the gestures required to access the hot water, safety is built in and the red LED tells you when water is being brought to the right temperature.

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Our thoughts

We love our Quooker tap, and I definitely enjoy more hot drinks than I did when we relied on a kettle. Speaking of which, we no longer have a kettle taking up space on our counter. We had to go for the bigger COMBI tank due to water pressure and it's provided more than enough hot water for washing up and for making drinks.

Charanjit Chana

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